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The best way to transform your feeling into Japanese-unique emoticons 'kaomoji'  and tweet how you feel now!

Twikao can make emoticons from your face expression.All you have to do is to take a picture of your face! This app is the easiest & most exciting way to enjoy 'kaomoji,' Japanese kawaii (cute) emoticons. *1 Take a picture of your (or someone's) face.Happy, sad, angry, surprised…Whatever the feeling you have, Twikao can transform it into an emoticon with the exact same expression on your face!With it, you can express yourself on Twitter better than ever. *2 *1 Twikao uploads the picture on Twitpic when making an emoticon.
*2 You can choose not to attach the picture.- What is kaomoji? Kaomoji is Japanese-unique emoticon. It has many kinds of face expression and is still increasing since new ones are invented by Japanese young people everyday. Now no one knows how many kaomojis there are!

Available on the iPhone App Store. FREE! (・∀・)b